Nedroid Comics and Art (nedroidcomics) wrote,
Nedroid Comics and Art

The Great Cosby Experiment 09

Hello friends. Because of a shared magical experience, Emmy and I are conducting an experiment and we need your help. It is an experiment about Bill Cosby. Here is how you can participate.

1. Draw a picture of Bill Cosby. You may use reference material.
2. Post it in reply to this entry.
3. Do not post it anywhere else or show anyone else until after the experiment is over. This is very important! In fact, it is best if you do not discuss it with others at all except to ask them to participate.

All comments to this entry are screened and will remain so until the experiment is over on Friday, June 26. Please tell your friends about this because the more people who participate, the more scientific our findings will be.

Thank you!

EDIT: SHOW'S OVER! Read about the experiment results here.
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