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Let me preface this by saying that judging this contest was really, really hard. There were so many great entries, and if I had unlimited money and time and posters then there would have been about fifteen or twenty winners. I want to sincerely thank everyone who took the time to enter, and I hope you had fun in doing so.

But unfortunately not everyone can win, so my co-judges and I got together the other night and deliberated on who got the prize, using a complex system of lists and math. Here, I present to you the top five:

by Bob
by Sarah
by Dale
by Adam

And the winner is…

Hippo Presents A Date with Reginald by Eric (There are four pages; make sure to read them all!)

Congratulations! Eric, please email me your address at nedroid at so I can send you your prize. Also, I will need addresses for the four runners-up because you will be receiving something as well (but it is a Surprise).

Again, I wish I could give out more because there were so many deserving entries. Thanks again to Jamie and Emmy for helping out with the tough job of judging, and to Emmy for providing the idea for the outcome of the actual date:

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